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So I saved $19 today

June 2nd, 2008 at 11:04 am

So I noticed on my latest credit card statement from unnamed big bank credit card that I got charged and $19 "membership fee." Are you kidding me? This was a no annual fee credit card when I originally signed up. Where was the notice that I'd be getting charged this? So, because I'm behind on the bill, they of course are hounding me trying to get me to commit to a payment, etc. I told the guy many times in no uncertain terms that I could not arrange a payment right now. They of course don't care about my situation and are obviously reading from a script so while I was on the phone with him, I decided to mention this $19 fee. He didn't know what to do (but still of course asked me to set up a payment) and finally transferred me to a supervisor. She gave me a courtesy credit on the "membership fee" and I'm happy about that. Every little bit helps. I'll be happy when I get this one paid off (the balance is less than $400 but I just can't seem to shake it!) and can just have it "there" for the sake of building my credit back up.

So, that's my small victory. Granted, that $19 is about to be given to unnamed big box store when I go do some shopping but I'd rather spend it on diapers or food than "membership fees" The long and short of it - it doesn't hurt to be a squeaky wheel - you never know when they'll give you that "courtesy credit."

Hope everyone has a good day!