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August 16th, 2006 at 05:08 am

I just wanted to put this out there. I have about 25 sample sized packs of Blue Lizard sunscreen that I will never get through but am willing to send along to someone that can use them. I also have a bunch of $1 coupons for Blue Lizard products. Hopefully someone can use them - just PM me with your mailing address and what you want and they will be on their way!

And, you don't have to take them all - you can take as many or as few as you want.

2 Responses to “Sunscreen”

  1. koppur Says:

    I'd love some (I wear sunblock/sunscreen year round) but I am not sure how to PM you.

  2. med12 Says:

    Two ways I think you can do it - go to members list and find my name. Or, and this may be easier - go to search forums from the forum page and click advanced search and search by user name. That will pull up all my posts that I've left and you can then click on my name and send private message is one of the options. If there's an easier way that someone knows of, I'd love to hear it!

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