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Rainy day musings

August 15th, 2006 at 06:53 am

Today is a rainy day but it will keep me in the house. I'm not participating "officially" in the no-spend challenge as I don't go shopping or spend money outside of grocery shopping on a weekly basis. I can't get out of that because I need to get the perishables once a week but that's okay.

I did move my son's wagon so it collects the rainwater from the roof and will use that to water the garden tomorrow. DH used the water I had collected last week to wash his truck the other day which shocked me but also made me happy. I just realized I have some other buckets in the yard that are collecting water right now too so will use those.

I want to get one of those rainbarrels for next year. There are so many spots in our yard that water drips from the roof that it just makes sense. I have some makeshift ones (buckets) but would like to invest in a nice one to put around at least one of the gutters. Also will do more with the composting and gardening next year to get a better yield of veggies.

I have a few things listed on ebay that I hope sell this week but we'll see. I'm also looking for more things to list and will hopefully put some up this week. Per usual, I'm worried about the checking account going into negative numbers but hopefully we will be okay. We only bounced one thing last week due to our miscommunication and this week we may have one thing too due to spending too much at the grocery store. But, our freezer is slowly getting restocked so that's okay.

1 Responses to “Rainy day musings”

  1. StressLess Says:

    I haven't tried this yet, it's on my list for Someday. Wink Making rainbarrels out of lidded trash cans. They don't look bad, and may be cheaper than buying the ready-made ones.


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